2016 Changes

So 2016, sees many changes. Firstly, the lovely Charlotte Phipps has moved to pastures new, as she makes a new life with her beloved. We understand she is already utilising the skills she has gleaned from working with us for 14 months, and has started her new job in Accountancy. We wish her all the best. We have a new member to the team – Hugo, whom we welcomed to the team back end of 2015. He is a great help to support the team and our clients. We have received our first written testimonial – Thank You Louise Wallis from Sprint Technlology – please click here to view the testimonial. Should you wish to explore Sprint Technology click here.

We are evolving our own CRM further, as we do regularly and just testing our newly amended workflow for staff changes. We are expanding on our own technology, making massive changes from August last year, by moving away from Outlook – yes, we finally made the move!, and on the whole very pleased with the changes al be it taking a little getting used to the new platform. Practicing what we preach, we have always used CRM since 2010, and have expanded the functions progressivley for the benefit of our clients and team. This year, we are working on moving our integrated inventory further to our our Financial Accounting and look forward to having this fully in place by end of quarter 1.