Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, please note that we have moved all our Onsite Training to Online Learning until further notice.

We are currently updating our agendas, which will shortly be available by visiting our Bitesize page.

Bespoke Training

Learning to Suit You

At Informed Training we complete a thorough Training Needs Analysis with our clients to truly understand your business and identify your needs. We base our analysis on a number of areas including:

  1. What systems do you currently have in place?
  2. How you are using your current systems?
  3. Are there any areas that you are not utilising fully?

We then analyse our findings and recommend a suitable solution. Following the analysis if training is necessary, we design a bespoke training programme for you. We base this on your specifications, including; your requirements, the objectives, preferred learning styles, the timeframe available and an appropriate pace. Benefitting from experience, we at Informed Training can help you decide the best learning approach suited to your needs and budgets.

We currently offer a selection of Private and Public training courses. The method of delivery will be dependent on the training content and location.

The services we currently offer are:

  • One to One and Group Remote Web Based Training
  • One to One and Group Onsite Training
  • Group Public Classroom Training with set agendas
  • Bespoke Training Onsite
  • Fully equipped training room if required

Remote online courses are available, where the maximum number of delegates per session is two, to ensure delegates fully benefit from the learning. These usually last between one to two hours and where appropriate we can provide set agendas, but our experience so far is that our clients prefer bespoke related agendas. Online sessions can also be used to cover a particular topic broken down into segments, over a period of time or “How do I” sessions specifically to achieve a particular goal. However some training is not suitable for a remote session

Full day onsite training commences at 10am and finishes at 4pm and includes hands on approach for delegates who carry out practical exercises on the live system. Work books are provided to carry out various tasks and are used for assistance on the course, as well as for reference after the event. The maximum number of delegates per day is 8 in order for them to fully benefit from the day.