Informed Training are delighted to be back out training at our clients offices and offering both onsite and remote online training options. 

We are still following current guidelines for Covid, and as the rules are more relaxed, we are pleased to remind our clients that we are once again back delivering both Private and Public Training and customisation sessions, either onsite or remotely (using our interactive GotoTraining platform – with dual mouse control for private sessions, working in your live systems) which gives a blended mix and match approach, just as we did before Covid.  

Should you wish to arrange any Training or Workshop events, or just wish to find out more, we would be delighted to chat further.

You can call us at the office on 0121 357 5944 or email us on [email protected]

We look forward to continuing to work safely with you all, providing you with the full choice.  

Learning to Suit You

At Informed Training we complete a thorough Training Needs Analysis with our Clients often in your live system, to truly understand your business and identify your needs. We base our analysis on a number of areas including:-

1.   Which systems do you currently have in place?
2.   How are you and your team using your current systems?
3.   Are there any areas that you are not utilising fully or could use better?

We ask you to allow us to take a tour of your system by way of your  Complementary CRM Health Check (similar concept to your Fact Find or Discovery session but for Technology). By the end of the session we should all understand at high level, the key areas you may need help with. We analyse our findings and recommend a suitable Training solution if required. We can direct you to the “Public” Bitesize menus (Agendas) which may best suit your requirements, or design a bespoke Training session/s for you if this would be more beneficial. We base this on your requirements and confirm your objectives, expected outcomes, user experience, preferred learning styles, the timeframe available and an appropriate pace. Benefitting from many years of practical experience, we at Informed Training can help you decide the best learning approach suited to your needs and budgets.

The Training delivery options include:-

  • * “Private” Bespoke Online – One to One Company (Ideally up to a maximum of 8 delegates working in your live log in.  Live & interactive Online desktop share Training – we work with you in your live system, on your live case studies and give as much as possible control of the mouse to the attendees along with working on your live case studies.
  • * “Private” Bespoke  Onsite Training  – Workshop approach with Privately bespoke agendas. Delivered either at your office, or an external venue agreed. Duration is usually a full day 10am to 4pm. We work  in your live system (Live case study).
  • Public” Group Online – Shared Company group sessions with set “Bitesize” agendas – a menu with a mix and match approach – choose from specific topics, depending on your preference, need and availability. We work in a “live” general Training system.
  • “Publicised” One-to-one company Online – create your own agenda from the publicised Bitesize agendas, carried out in a “live” training environment. This one-to-one company session is based around the concept of you choosing the elements from across the spectrum of our publicised subjects (agendas) and bespoke it around your company use of IO with just 2 colleagues from the same organisation.
  • “Public Classroom Training”  – We offer set agendas to choose from –  mix and match depending on your preference and availability. Working in a live system working with delegates from a mixture of Companies

*Available on request. 

Housekeeping – Online Public & Private Training sessions

Numbers of delegates attending: – This is dependent on the elements to be covered and the simplicity or complexity of the detail required. However, we try and limit the numbers to a maximum of 12 delegates for Public and 8 delegates for Private.

Duration :- Onsite – Usually 10am – 4pm – with agreed comfort breaks (usually mid morning and mid afternoon, and a lunch break).

Online – Up to a maximum of 1 hour for “Public Bitesize” and agreed time frames with breaks for Private sessions (often not more than 2 hours at a time with a short comfort break).

Elements to cover – See our “Bitesize” menus updated regularly for our Public TrainingBiteSize Online Training Menu – IO. (Please ensure you read the “What you need to know” and “Cancellation” policy before registering which can be found here:- Objectives, Who should attend, What you need to Know and Cancellation Policy

Bespoke Training is designed with the Clients following a Training Needs analysis (Complementary CRM Health Check (Discovery session) as described above.I wish to reserve a no cost CRM Health Check

Interaction for Online sessions  – Questions by audio, or chat, either privately with Trainer and/or to all attendees. Desktop sharing in a live system.

Webcam is not always used in “Public” sessions, as we share desktop screens and it can reduce the bandwidth. It is often switched on for “Private” sessions depending on numbers attending and the quality of the bandwidth (we will  agree beforehand your preference).

Online Sessions are great to cover a particular topic, or several areas broken down into Bitesize segments. These include  “How do I” sessions specifically to achieve a particular goal. For “Public” sessions we focus on less complex areas, due to the nature of  remote learning, but provide role based specific hints, tips to use for your role, and share good practices throughout. We can go into more granular detail if required with a “Private” session.

Full day onsite Training commences at 10am and finishes at 4pm and includes hands on approach for delegates who carry out practical exercises on their live system. Work books are provided to carry out practical exercises based on an agreed case study relevant to Clients in their live system prior to the event.

For more information on Private Bespoke Onsite training either at your office or offsite location (to be discussed), please call us on 0121 357 5944, or contact us here.

The maximum number of delegates per day is 8, to ensure they fully benefit from the day.

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