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- Welcome & Introduction
- Housekeeping including how to interact with your Trainer & Peers
- Objectives & expected outcomes

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- CPD - All sessions qualify for structured CPD. Your Certificate of attendance goes out automatically on exiting the session, but if you delete the email, we cannot send another copy, so be sure to open and save the certificate.

Set Agenda to Include: -

- Introducing the Fact Find & Protocols
- How to generate a Single or Joint Fact Find – Adding or removing a partner
- Creating Draft (rolling) Fact Find (print fact find at start if required)
- Full Fact Find process for a New potential Client and Existing
- Adding Pre-existing Plans through the Fact Find Adhoc or “Add Plan” – what are the differences & how can it benefit Administrators!
- What are the “Advice Areas” and how do they work?
- Where and how to add data - high-level
- DPA Questions
- Needs & Priorities
- Adding Goals
- Finalising the Fact Find or Locking Fact Find down to ensure ready to process New Plans (for Compliance and saving in documents for easier file checking)
- Naming Fact Finds for Advisers and Compliance to find them easier (Profiling) – add to Binder and/or create the Binder from the Fact Find area first, saving time
- Client Review Process - Focus Fact Find
- Finalise Fact Find protocols for Reviews
- Good practices, hints & tips along the way
- Questions and Answers
- Feedback & Claiming your Structured CPD
- Upcoming Recommended Sessions
- Thank you for attending & Close

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