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-Welcome & Introduction
-Who should attend - Mainly aimed at (but not exclusively) - Financial Planners who are getting to grips with having to process their own business and reviews (in the main) but has proved helpful to reassure users are getting the most from these areas.
-Objectives and expected outcomes - If you missed the overall objectives and expected outcomes for our Public IO Online Bitesize ™ Training, you can copy and paste the url below, into a new browser tab to view:-

All sessions qualify for structured CPD. Your Certificate of attendance goes out automatically on exiting the session, but if you delete the email, we cannot send another copy, so be sure to open and save the certificate.

Agenda will cover the key elements & functionality in the following areas and the benefits: -
- "Opportunities" - what, why, triggers (depending on your set up)
- "Advice Area" - Principles of best practice - what, where, why?
- "Service Cases" - what are they and in what respect are they used in io dependent on set up
- "Tasks in relation to Service Cases and or Opportunities"; Trigger principles and benefits
- Good practices, time saving hints & tips along the way
- Questions and Answers
- Feedback and Claiming your Structured CPD
- Other recommended resources to help you get more from IO
- Thank you for attending & Close

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