What does the Compliance module do for you in IO and why should you use it?


An introduction to how the compliance module in IO can help you and your teams

- Directly regulated Compliance Managers
- Support services Compliance Teams
- File checking compliance teams

Our clients invest huge amounts of money in software licence costs, but many users have not even touched the Compliance module, which is included in their licence costs.

We show you the key areas of the Compliance module to help you understand how if used, will benefit your compliance, support services, and your admin teams and in particular, help evidence the trail, and assist with your Compliance reporting to the FCA.
Please note that following valuable feedback from previous Bitesize sessions recently delivered, and due to the nature of the Compliance detail and benefits this session is a maximum of 90 minutes long.

- A helicopter view of the key areas within the Compliance module and how these can complement & streamline compliance processes
- You will understand how the system manages this area, so your internal and/or external compliance teams can more easily carry out the file checking process and all other compliance related matters
- You will see the benefits of how the Compliance module gives you full visibility and 1 place of truth in real time
- You will see how the parameters for file checking are set up to work in IO to meet your requirements
- Learn which reports can be generated for your compliance reporting
- Learn in a live environment with your peers

It would be helpful if you are already experienced in the principles of the use of main elements of Intelliflo from the new enquiry elements all the way to adding new business and the client review process. In particular, the adding of new business plans transitions when implementing the new business plans in IO

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