Financial Services related CRM & Systems

“A Powerful System is only Powerful if you know how to Use IT.”

Informed Training has over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry including working as an IFA (now known as Financial Planner) and 7 years practical hands on experience as a Financial Services System IT Trainer directly with the Financial Services Software providers.  With experience as an end user of these systems and working with Clients directly as an IFA for many years, Informed Training continues to work closely with the Financial Services Sector to help you get the best from your systems.

Utilising our Financial Services experience and working with trusted strategic partners which we have built up now for over 10 years Informed Training can provide training on a number of  Financial Services Back Office and CRM systems including:-

  • intelliflo office (IntelliFlo ) – (formerly Intelligent Office) Software as a Service
  • Zoho CRM
  • Iress – Quotation Platform
  • Assureweb – Quotation Platform
  •  Synaptic Systems – Product/Fund Research Tools

We have been at the sharp end and understand the pressures that the Financial Services Industry is under – particularly Financial Planners.

Much of this can be about logging some or all of the Client journey, and  learning systems functionality, and capacity of  your system to achieve this, but it is also about applying the learning to the individual role in their workplace (at the office or from home) and embedding the use of the system to help them experience what benefits there are for them), and how better using the systems well, will help them achieve their goals quicker.

We understand how important it is to use systems to achieve an increased return from the investment you have made to your supplier or software provider, and by achieving real value from this cost and improved change management.

We can help you use your systems more efficiently. This will provide many benefits including:-

  • Automating much of your Business Processes (apart from the Client  Facing of course)
  • Saving time re-keying the same information and learning quick wins, hints and tips
  • Helping you to manage your workload more effectively
  • Tracking your cases to issue more effectively (reaching your goals quicker)
  • Generating more concise reports essential for Compliance reporting and Management Information (MI) – including KPI’s MiFID

Knowing how to use your system to its capacity will help to both save time and, ultimately, help to reduce costs. Most organisations who invest in a back office or client management system do so as a catalyst for change.

Have you recently implemented or considering new software?

Have you have had a change in resources which identifies the need to train new users?

Are you transitioning from one system to another?

Are you a member of Tenet, Lighthouse Group, Sense or many more.

Do you simply wish to learn more fully about how new functionality can help your users and ultimately benefit your organisation?

What ever your circumstances, we at Informed Training enjoy helping Advisers, Administrators, Office Managers, Paraplanners, Compliance teams, Systems Administrators, Networks and Support Services Providers with day to day Training, set up, maintenance and much more.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

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