Financial Services

There are currently many discussions and articles covering the subjects of preparing for RDR. Within these articles the “Value of Training” is being highlighted along with the need to improve business efficiency. To achieve this, IFA practices need technology and systems. Informed Training will work along side you to help to make the necessary transition.

We have a range of courses including our new joiners and movers course.

Have you had new staff move to your company who need training on IO?

Are there staff role changes within your organisation where users need training on an unfamiliar part ot the system?

Let us help you to Use your Software more Efficiently to save frustration on How do I?

For more information on courses for these specific scenarios and other courses please contact us.

Informed Training and Kerrang Radio’s Cash for Kids

cfkInformed Training are pleased to announce that we have nominated Kerrang Radio’s Cash for Kids Charity as our nominated charity to support.

Further information can be found at Should you wish to make a donations they can be made online or even b