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To discover more about how Eileen and her team help clients automate spreadsheets into their CRM; please take a look at our short video. Please share your thoughts with us, or if you would like to know more, please contact us on the details below.
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Eileen Murphy of Informed Training recently took part in a podcast interview with Roger Edwards who hosts the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast. With 500 downloads already it has been a great success, and we’d love to share our insights on how to Make CRM part of your culture improve business processes and encourage successful relationships. We hope this to be useful advice for both you and your clients, and have had really positive feedback so far.


If you’ve already had a listen, thank you and let us know what you think – any comments welcome by reply.


Roger Edwards – “This week’s Podcast Interview is with Eileen Murphy – an expert on CRM for Financial firms. You can certainly hear the passion Eileen has for this subject. I learned a lot about CRM in 30 minutes. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.”