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Sprint Enterprise are enjoying working with Eileen @informedtraining. Eileen has provided regular assistance in our use of Zoho from a Sales/Lead Management perspective.

We recognised that Zoho had more to offer and could be used as a CRM tool in addition to just using it to track leads and prospects. To enable this to happen, we had an initial healthcheck that was carried out remotely by Eileen, followed by a face to face workshop delivered by Eileen to go through the functionality that was already available to us, and more importantly that we were already paying for from Zoho to satisfy some of our needs for a CRM system to provide.

Following our bespoke workshop I carried out some work on Zoho by creating some new fields to capture data that we were otherwise maintaining on manual spreadsheets that didn’t allow for access centrally and was difficult to ensure version control.
We look forward to further enhancing our use of Zoho to create some centralised workflows, to aid us with onboarding our new clients, and will no doubt be in contact again with Eileen, for further hints and tips!

Zoho CRM is a Cloud based solution – a client relationship life-cycle management system for managing sales, marketing, support and associated activities all in one place. Zoho CRM has a number of great features to create automation, customisation, integration and collaboration, allowing you to grow your business efficiently.

Informed Training working with our specialist strategic partners, can provide the full solution….

  • Evaluate – Identify any business process deficiencies
  • Document your required business process
  • Recommend a tailored solution
  • Configure and Implement the Solution
  • Train all your users to utilise the functionality in a uniformed manner

Some of the benefits to you will mean:

  • Tracking your sales process more easily and meeting your deadlines
  • Avoiding penalties
  • Improving the service to your clients (and repeat business)
  • Producing accurate and meaningful reporting
  • Reduce frustration and increase confidence for users

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