Google Creates Microsoft Office Plug-in for Better Linking to the Software

Google has announced that it will be offering its users full integration with Microsoft Office via the use of a plug-in that will allow Microsoft Office users to save documents directly to the cloud. They made the announcement in conjuntion with another in which they offered businesses a shocking 16 terabytes of online storage if they are willing to spend a little bit extra. The storage is available to subscribers to the Google Apps service, and specifically excludes Gmail accounts. It starts at $5 a year for 20GB and gets comparatively cheaper up to $256 for 1TB. From there the price rises proportionally, topping out at $4,096 for the maximum 16TB. There are some limitations to the system though as, to collaborate must be running Microsoft Office and its impossible to share a document from Office to another user to edit it on Google Apps. The company is now attempting to work out the inherent difficulties in converting from a desktop application into a browser application in an attempt to offer increased functionality in that respect.
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