Deepens Ties with Facebook is to deepen its ties with social media giant facebook by expanding the integration of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for further use in the social networking giant's framework. The upcoming extra capability will allow for facebook wall posts and comments to be converted into a new customer service case within the system, thus allowing an agent to immediately tackle issues brought up by the comments. The feature is similar to one already released for the Twitter micro-blogging service. To help handle their increased expansion into social media, will also be rolling out additional tools that allow for users to make optimum use of their social media expansions. In addition to this, the company have also stated that they will be partnering Radian6 in the integration of their software into the company's listening platform. The Radian6 integration, which will be available on's AppExchange, will also feature automated case creation. Chief Marketing Officer at, Kendall Collins commented that ""he marketing and service worlds have never been closer." He claims that social media has given consumers the power to influence business decision much more directly, continuing "It's a little bit of a scary thing for people in marketing to see your brand going over those walls, but it's happening whether you like it or not."
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