Informed Training launches November 21 schedule of “Public Group” intelliflo office Bitesize ™ Training

We are excited to publicise our November 2021 schedule of our upcoming "BiteSize" ™ intelliflo office training.

Based on great feedback from last month, where clients have recommended others to attend, we are covering the high level  processes in "Bitesize" pieces, so you or your team can jump on to the section/s which best suit you or your team.

Some Housekeeping Q&A and Feedback are below which I hope you find helpful -

Q. Can we purchase places for multiple delegates wishing to attend the same session? 

A. Yes - the booking form has been updated to accommodate multiple places for your team.

Q. Can we use the audio to ask questions rather than just the chat?

A. Yes indeed, we encourage managed question sections to ensure we cover the agenda, but our experience is that delegates like both options. 

Q. Can we use the camera if we wish?

A. For the public courses no - but for private bespoke company sessions - yes  - There are several reasons including -

  • The cameras lowers bandwidth - we want the live system view to be as clear as possible. 
  • Feedback has shown the audio and or chat is effective for this environment. 

That said, we do encourage the video for one to one Private Company Bespoke sessions. 

Thank you to all delegates who completed feedback - some of which is from new and very experienced users of 4 years plus. They have found valuable takeaways they can use immediately.

If you missed our Public sessions, simply jump onto the link here to view and book.

Here is a snip of some feedback from the Public Bitesize ™ including:-

"Clear instruction"  
"This was a very informative session and really well presented"

"I can't see anywhere for improvement. Just carry on!"

"Eileen is a fantastic trainer, really clear and concise"

"The online training format worked well".

"Eileen is very clear and patient. The objectives I had to get a better understanding were certainly met"

"Would like to be trained by Eileen again".

blue fireworks celebrating Informed Training

Please note, we do not publish names from Public Bitesize for data protection purposes - however, we can confirm that these are validated quotes directly from delegates who have attended a full "Bitesize" session, and if you wish to know who they are from, please do let us know, and we will ask the delegate if we can share that information with you directly.

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