Kudos to Phil Bray & Paul Claireax for their 3 great tips to be more “shameless in self-promotion”

Kudos to Phil Bray - Financial Services Marketing Specialist - Why?

Following a conversation on twitter some weeks ago, with Phil and Paul Claireaux, I mentioned the fact that we have always asked for feedback following all our training (we use Zoho survey) and are happy to read the positives, so we can continue to keep including those elements, but also, if we get some constructive criticism or suggestions, we also like to act on that.

We have also now started to ask at the end of the survey for permission to post on social media, the outcomes either using their first name, or first and last name or company... or indeed anonymously, but we don’t post too regularly, for the fear of feeling as though we might be boasting.

Following on from that social media coversation with Phil and Paul, I have learned the following 3 tips:-

1. Remember to ask!

Phil advocates asking clients for feedback. He has written several great blogs on this subject, below is a link to one of these great blogs, which I feel is not just relevant to financialservices, but to all businesses - small and large. https://theyardstickagency.co.uk/blog/the-3-ways-you-should-be-asking-your-clients-for-feedback

2. Ask for a google review

Paul Claireaux also suggested that we should ask for feedback on google. Although I am aware of this method of review, (because I have given google reviews for others), I am amazed that I have not actually ever asked for them myself until now, and guess what, on our first request, we received our first review from the awesome Anthony Massie who along with his colleagues at Herbert & Webster do a brilliant job for their clients. I have popped a copy of the review here and my reply. (I will try not to feel like I am boasting Phil & Paul).

Thank you Paul. I am popping a reference to his website for all you in FinancialServices - as he has some great shares and services here also - https://paulclaireaux.com/

3. Ask for Testimonials on LinkedIn

I have got out of the habit of asking personally for a testimonial on LinkedIn, and guess what, again, when I asked recently, I received a lovely testimonial from Neil Henderson BA (Hons) FPFS of Mission Financial - thank you Neil, and I note he also posts some great articles worth a read, and he also delivers a great service for his clients.

Phil shared this great article which is another good read, & is helping me get over this hurdle written by "Ozan Varol".




In summary – My 2 take aways include:-

1. If you remember to ask, clients might say yes.

2. I need to be more shameless!

"Thank you all".

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