Following the intelliflo connect conference – some nuggets to share

A massive thank you to intelliflo and Nick Eatock for a brilliant conference & drinks on the evening. We enjoyed spending quality face to face time, with many members of the intelliflo team, clients and partners, sharing, exchanging and caring. A big shout out especially to Steve Rees & Katie Barrett for going the extra mile - waiting outside in the cold with me for a cab... that just shows what caring peeps you are.

The speakers were awesome - thank you for your shares including the following 3:-

1. Sir Clive Woodward, shared how he used technology, and the importance of the team to be trained how to "Use It" - which happens to be our strapline - Use It or Lose It?

This was a fabulous comparison with business and sport. He explained why it was important for all the team, including management and the players to use the system (how to use it). This was such an exciting story and an inspiration for me to encourage all roles of the business. As Sir Clive explained how in his team, the "Rocks" became "Sponges" .

We love chipping away at the "Rocks" and see the change as they embrace intelliflo more. I was delighted as I listened to relate Sir Clive's 4 D's to our process and services, which we have been delivering with our clients for over 13 years now.

  • Discover - Our complementary Health Check (Capture and Share)
  • Distill - Key points identified via our checklist - Reds, Ambers and Green
  • Do - The delivery and work we do with our clients around hands on Training and Consultancy
  • Data - Our analytics post delivery reviews - measure, analyse, perfect & improve

2. Andrew J Scott - enlightened us with some amazing statistics on the ageing society and how our lives are changing as the growing age demographic and how we can adapt and how that changes the way in which our clients can advise their clients.

3. Nadine Dereza - hosted the event with enthusiasm, knowledge, and great humour to keep us all engaged.

Also, meeting up with such lovely existing clients, prospects and other collaboration partners was fantastic. So many to mention, but includes :-Alan Easter (please send the photo Alan ?) Marina Herbert, Clive Jaques (albeit too briefly) ? Sorry I missed you Alex Lannin DipPFS but many congratulations on your award ? Alan Moran, Tim Gale, Steven Hoare FLPITAP.dip, Wai-Jon Chan & so many more...

It was straight back to training for me onsite a couple of days later, and I was delighted to share with clients who were unable to attend, about the exciting launch of Wealthlink platform integration with SS&C Technologies
along with continuation of rolling out of more Business Intelligence Dashboards…& much more...

Thank you all again and look we look forward to continuing to move "Rocks" to "Sponges" and to do it all again next year.

Ps intelliflo - Please can you confirm next date is 4th June 24? to ensure we have it in our diaries correctly for next year?

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