Reflecting on intelliflo office training delivered in 2021-we will continue with what clients like & move forward to deliver additional exciting services in 2022-watch this space

This was a short snippet of delightful feedback received following our working with clients in our bespoke bundles of private bespoke intelliflo office training on a one to one Organisation client basis.

We have been delivering our Bitesizeā„¢ remote training concept since 2013! (how time flies!). We are pleased our clients benefit from both public sessions (set agendas) with audio for Q&A, private sessions (one to ones) with audio & delegate mouse control, &private one to one Company bespoke interactive training & workshops with so much more... & more...

- What more do you wish to get from your use of intelligent office this year?

-What elements do your users wish to utilise more?

For more information, head over here ?

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