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We have offered blended Training to our Clients for many years and a big part of this approach has been to deliver “Private” Training Online (remotely). With the changes we have all had to manage with Covid 19, we are now pleased to announce the extension of our ‘BitesizeTM’ Online (sometimes referred to as virtual) intellifo office (IO) Training Sessions through our website with “Public” Online Training. These are set agendas based on popular subject requests and are available for you and/or your team to register and reserve your place, which is on a first come first served basis.

Objectives of BitesizeTM sessions

These sessions are designed to help users of intelliflo office (formerly Intelligent Office) – referred to as IO – build on their experience and use of IO, in a specific area around the capacity of the system. In all cases we relate the areas working on to help each delegate achieve more from their use of IO in their daily roles.

We will also share best practices, hints and tips to optimise the use of IO more slickly wherever possible and gain more value from supplier licence fees.

The public agendas will outline the areas we will cover in the‘BitesizeTM’ session of up to 1 hour, so it does not “Bite” into your day, but you can use elements immediately to save time and get more from your use of IO.

Who should attend and why?

The courses are designed for Roles in Financial Services in the main aimed at but not exclusive to:-

Advisers, Administrators, Paraplanners, Office or Operation Managers. “Compliance” Managers & Teams, and Compliance Organisations whom clients use intelliflo office are also gaining benefits. “Public” or “Private” agendas are available. Please let us know if you wish to benefit from a bespoke “Compliance” Training in live IO by emailing us here – I wish to discuss Compliance Training in IO – [email protected]

In terms of User experience in IO, we have elements to suit both existing users and less experienced users.

We also deliver “New User” bespoke Training around your processes and your system set up.

Sometimes our training helps others by way of a refresh, or reminder to reaffirm you are getting the best from the system, or learning new “quick wins”, where we hear quite often –

I didn’t know that I didn’t know that” or “I forgot about that“…

Attending the BitesizeTM sessions will:-

  • Help you to understand existing areas perhaps a little better, or learn new areas of IO which you may have not been aware of
  • Help to understand the capacity of IO
  • Help you to get better use from IO to help manage your processes
  • Help you to save time
  • Give you a blended learning approach
  • Give you the chance to share ideas and ask questions with fellow attendees
  • You will know that the duration will be a maximum of 1 hour of your valuable time, so it will not “bite” into your day.
  • Help you because sometimes – You “don’t know” what you “don’t know”

What you need to know


Registration – Registrations may be closed if a session becomes fully booked, or is no longer available to the public due to a private booking at the same date/time. Sessions will be marked as REGISTRATIONS NOW CLOSED. In any event, we close registrations 15 minutes before the start time to ensure all attendees are settled in before a prompt start.

Attendance – Numbers are limited for comfort and effectiveness of delivery, depending on the complexity or simplicity of the areas being covered, and will be on a first come, first served basis. Our experience is that a public session works best with a maximum of 8 delegates.

Hosted Environments – As with many platforms, Gototraining® must be run outside “Citrix” or any other “hosted” environment, to ensure all audio, and full functionality is available.

Agendas – To view the upcoming agendas, cost, and current dates available, simply view here – Bitesize and then complete the registration form and simple payment process. Sessions are “Bitesize” .

Please note our public agendas are dynamic and links will drop off as the dates pass, so links you may have saved, may not be accessible after the event. Also as noted in our terms and conditions, we do have the right to update, amend any content as required, sometimes at short notice, but if you have already signed up to these, you will be notified automatically on these changes before delivery to give you the option to cancel your place. Please refer to our cancellation policy and terms of service.

Please note, the One-to-one company online sessions which are booked on our public agendas , are at pre-scheduled times only as advertised and do not take place in your live system, unlike our ** Private Bespoke Online Bitesize™ training sessions, where we carry out specific preparation on our side, prior to your session, to understand the setup of your system before we work with you in your live system.

**Should you wish to find out more information about booking these sessions, (not found on our publicised agendas) please email us here – [email protected]

Length of Sessionsso as not to “bite” into your day – Duration will be a minimum of 30 minutes, and a maximum of up to 60 minutes, depending on subject complexity, number of attendees, and questions to answer.

Any time left after the elements on the agenda are covered, can be used for questions on chat and/or discussion on audio with your peers.

I wish to purchase multiple seats for my team to attend multiple sessions”.

We are receiving requests for Companies who are keen to send several members of their team to attend the same session of our live public Bitesize session – our improved booking service enables you to complete your request for multiple delegates to attend the same session on the same order.
to book private bespoke sessions, and or a bundle of sessions, please email us on [email protected] , or call the office on 0121 357 5944, AND WE WILL confirm your requirements & arrange that for you


Pre attendance – Booking Confirmation and joining instructions – After selecting the “Register Now” button and completing the electronic booking form, and following a successful payment process, you will receive a confirmation email from the platform we deliver the BitesizeTM training sessions in from GoToTraining®. Please check your email spam in box and add this provider to your safe list if required, as this will contain your joining instructions (unique to you). It will also include information on how to test your device settings before the session. Please follow these instructions before the session starts, to make for a more effective experience for all those attending and to avoid any potential visual or audio connection issues – thank you in advance.

Post attendance – You will receive your Certificate of attendance by email shortly after the event by email from GoToTraining ®

Please also check any communication reminders you receive , as should there be any amendments , you will be notified in the automated reminders from GoToTraining®.

What our Clients say

We are unable to disclose individual information on some feedback from public sessions – unless expressly authorised for us to do so.  All feedback has been validated, but if you wish to have specific information about who provided the feedback below, we can ask to introduce you to them on request.

I now have a full understanding of the tasks process on Intelliflo and I am now also aware of the document section and document creation which I had no idea about beforehand.

“Eileen has been able to answer all my questions. It has been a pleasure to work with her, interacting with someone who knows the CRM very well and going deeper into it!”

Very informed session delivered in a easy to understand format. Clear instruction. This was a very informative session and really well presented.

“I would highly recommend a bespoke session. I highlighted the problems I was having with IO fact finds and valuations which have now been resolved. Eileen taught me how to use Tasks efficiently which will help me keep on top of my workload. The SIPP presentation is useful for understanding subplans and how they work in valuations. The online training format worked well.”

I have learned how to add a workflow and tasks which will help me in the future as we develop more workflows on IO. This has given me a greater understanding of IO. I have experience using this as an administrator but not adding and amending things as a manager.

“Great session – thanks for all your insight and breaking down all the options available to us. Very friendly and informative”

“I feel a lot more confident in using IO to not only create business but in using the system to improve future efficiency”

“Training is an excellent means of getting better at the use of I/O and the tasks needed”

“A good reminder for me, as I’ve not added many pieces of new business to date. Eileen’s explanation of using the ‘all tasks and appointment’ icon will help save time when submitting business in the future”

“Confusion has always been where to put assets/pensions/investments/cash to make the report make sense…now it makes much more sense”

“This is the first time I will be using IO and Eileen’s training and attention made me feel confident with being able to start navigating and using IO live. I would like to be trained by Eileen again”

Eileen is very clear and patient. The objectives I had to get a better understanding were certainly met. It’ll be an ongoing learn for me. I can’t see anywhere for improvement. Just carry on!

“Eileen is a fantastic trainer. Very clear and concise.”

Far better understanding of how income should be recorded and its effect on MI. Great session, just a case of understanding Eileen’s way of explaining and training and keep the ball rolling with Eileen and IO”

Cancellation policy

Should you be unable to attend your booked and paid for session, your options are as follows:-

1. Cancel your place before start of the session, by selecting the button at the bottom of your confirmation email sent to you by GoToTraining®  – this will automatically withdraw your seat so that we can reissue it to anyone who is waiting. Please note! – you will need to contact us to arrange your alternative session by emailing us at – [email protected]

2. To request a refund for the cost of your registration fee which reserves your place, please again contact us at [email protected]

Please refer to our full terms and conditions in our Terms of Service.

Please allow 3-5 working days from receipt of your request, for a refund to be processed.

Contact us:

*We also deliver “Private bespoke Bitesize” sessions. Should you wish to find out more, or wish us to design a bespoke private agenda with you and/or your team, just drop us a line here at :-[email protected] , or call us on 0121 357 5944, and we will be happy to chat with you regarding your requirements.

We look forward to welcoming all new and previous attendees to our “BitesizeTM” Virtual intelliflo office Training sessions

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