What We Do

At Informed Training we carry out an end-to-end process to complete our client’s journey to an effective CRM. We can assist on the journey as a whole, or any element you require. An easy-to-understand breakdown splits what we do into 5 steps:

  • Understand your business – We find out how you market your services or products, whether through a single method or a variety of many e.g. Website, Social Media, or Advertising. Whatever the method(s), we help you manage your enquiries through your CRM leads area. This starts at the initial enquiry all the way through until the customer makes an order for your product/service. We then look to understand how your business operates as a whole, for example which systems or processes you currently have in place. We use this information to link your existing systems to your CRM. A further consideration is the management of multiple relationships, whether Clients, Prospects, or Referrals, to name a few. We ensure to customise your chosen system to manage these relationships accurately and effectively on a one to many basis, not just one to one. Concluding part of this step is using the data captured to gain valuable management information. Reports can be generated from the information in your CRM and the analytics can be used grow your business further.
  • Document your business process – Often clients have a business process but may not have it recorded in one coherent place. Valuable internal information is recorded in many different places such as excel spreadsheets, word documents, or emails. The benefit of us documenting your specific process is that we can then build it as a newly created work flow within your system and often can suggest ways of improving the processes further. This is hugely beneficial for you as it can then be tweaked and changed easily, as your company and process requirements evolve.
  • Recommend a tailored solution – Having understood your requirements for the short, medium and long term, we can select from our best of breed and suggest a solution that will grow with you as your business evolves, taking into account your needs now and in the future.
  • Configure and Implement the Solution – We will customise the system to match your business process requirements. These are unique to your company and so we will ensure that all the fields relate to your required business process, protocols. We ensure that your chosen system fits around your company requirements, not making your requirements fit the system.
  • Train all your users in a succinct uniformed manner – Informed Training will design your bespoke interactive training in your “live system”. This will be designed around your required business process, embedding agreed protocols and best practices. Through engaging users in the original design user adoption is ensured, ensuring to maintain the effectiveness and accuracy of your CRM.