Intelliflo Office (formerly known as Intelligent Office)

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Intelliflo Office

Intelliflo Office (previously known as Intelligent office and ofter referred to as IO), is one of the leading CRM/Back office systems, which cover every stage of the client lifecycle process. From taking an initial enquiry through to the Fact Find, Research (Utilising quotation integration in the IO Store), Recommendation, Implementation (Business Submission), Business tracking to completion and then managing the Client Review Process to meet MiFID 11.

It enables clients to manage the income reconciliation with the Providers, and has an awesome Compliance Module too, which for those who are directly authorised (or even those who outsource file checking), this side of the system can manage so much more…so why do so many users only touch the surface of the functionality? 

Our experience shows those who invest in training get far more benefits, but those who do not, all suffer from having:- 

a. Little consistency in agreed protocols in the use of IO – varied User Adoption 

b. Lots of duplicate inputting, as they do not feel confident enough to let go of their spreadsheets 

c. Inconsistent levels of quality training – hands on in live

It is even more important these days to automatically log the audit trail for each and every action &  transaction for each and every client record, for evidence to the FCA and compliance purposes. This can be done more easily, when and if you ensure your technology investment is maximised fully by all users, in a consistent manner, and there is one central point to go to – the client record – not emails!! 

Whether you are a new user or you may have used intelliflo office for some time, Informed Training has helped many users, and can help you and your teams, by way of Bespoke 1 to 1 Company training at your office or on desk top share in your live system (online).

We will complete a Training Needs Analysis with you, to discover, what your priorities are for your business and users. We will analyse your existing processes and how you are currently using your system, and design a bespoke training programme for you which will ensure you & your teams best utilise the functions of the software to help drive your business even further forward.

  • Do you wish to use your system more efficiently to streamline your business process?
  • Do you wish to help your Planners, Paraplanners, Administration teams, and Compliance team gain better value from your investment in your licence costs, and manage the required processes within central place? 
  • Do you wish to share the knowledge,  so that if a team member moves on,  or is off sick, you are not left stuck – not knowing the up to date situation, or how to manage the systems administration area for example,  or if you do know, not having the time to add that work to your already busy schedule?… 
  • Do you wish to reduce duplication in rekeying and put that time saving to something more  productive or pleasurable?
  • Do you wish to keep on top of new enhancements?

We have been training intelliflo clients through Informed Training, since 2010 and also many years before.  To demonstrate our commitment to ensuring we can help intelliflo users, we joined the intelliflo Certified Partnership programme  in 2022 – investing in our learning and support to help our clients even more.

To find out what further benefits you could achieve from your intelliflo office log ins, simply give us a call on

0121 357 5944 at  Informed Training to discuss your potential requirements with no obligation.

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