Testimonial from Alison Lynch

Testimonial from Alison Lynch – Managing Director of Howarth Lynch Chartered Tax Accountants

I am delighted with the high quality of service that I have received from Eileen Murphy of Informed Training, whom have worked together to deliver the ultimate system in a great joint project. I am astounded that in such a short time of meeting with us all, that they have gained an in depth understanding of our unique business process.

They have used their hard work, professionalism and wealth of experience to design and configure the ultimate system (Zoho Crm), and to implement and train all our staff to use the system in a succinct manner, to support our business process and reporting requirements.

This is helping to ensure the success of our business, for an investment which is proving to be of great value for money. We are already seeing the benefits of the work that they have done for us, and already we can see a real return on our investment.

We look forward to working with John and Eileen on an ongoing basis, and we would recommend the full service that they provide to any other business requiring technology to support their company also.
Alison Lynch – Managing Director of Howarth Lynch – Chartered Tax Accountants

Zoho CRM consultancy and training now provided


Informed Training are delighted to announce that we are adding another CRM system to our range of systems we can support our clients with – Zoho CRM. We have recently completed a joint project with our strategic partners Ascent Business Solutions, for a Chartered Accountants practice to complete the full solution for them – design their required business process and map each step by configuring, implementing and training all the users to a successful conclusion. We will be releasing the full case study on our blog in due course – watch this space.